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Taskforce to increase aged care workforce by 300%

Aged & Community Services Australia will play a key role in shaping the future aged care sector workforce strategy through the appointment of CEO Pat Sparrow to the new aged care workforce taskforce. The 12-member taskforce was announced last week and has been charged with developing a strategy to boost the supply of aged care workers in a sector facing a critical shortage of staff between now and 2050. “Together we have the opportunity to apply the very best thinking in the sector to solve critical issues around workforce supply, demand and productivity to get this right for the future care needs of older Australians,” Ms Sparrow said. “Getting this right now means securing the sort of workforce the sector needs into the future with the right mix of skills in those areas of most need.” “As we work through the issues, I’ll be representing providers’ views as we develop a workforce strategy that reflects a strong shared understanding of the workforce needs of the future and who is responsible for meeting them.” In announcing the taskforce, the Minister for Aged Care Ken Wyatt AM said the number of aged care workers needs to increase drastically from 360,000 where it currently stands to around one million by 2050. “Everything is on the table but there are only two things that matter, safety and quality,” Minister Wyatt said. “The Taskforce...

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Labor slams slow action on reforms

The need for greater transparency, continued bipartisanship and faster action in getting on with the aged care reforms, has been emphasised by the Shadow Minister for Ageing and Mental Health in a keynote address to industry leaders. Speaking at the Next Phase of Aged Care Reform Conference in Sydney last week, Labor MP Julie Collins said that while some progress has been made since the 2012 reforms were announced, there is still a long way to go and consumers are suffering. “The Legislative Review rightfully acknowledges these achievements. What it also does, however, is provide a clear picture of...

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Anglican Care launches dementia response teams

Anglican Care will today launch a new dementia care service that will see highly trained response teams deployed to assist people when their dementia symptoms are escalating. The Direct Action Response Team, to be known as DART, aims to treat the person on an individual basis by building knowledge of their health status, environment, past experiences, interests and family. On the escalation of dementia symptoms, Anglican Care’s DART team will be dispatched to the consumers home or Anglican Care’s residential aged care homes. “The initiative is all about improving the quality of life of people with dementia. Our program...

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Refurbishment pays off for Presbyterian Aged Care

A major refurbishment by an aged care provider in Sydney that saw a mix of single and double rooms turned into dementia and non-dementia suites has enabled the provider to increase its maximum RAD by $690,000. Stage one of ‘The Terraces’ in inner Sydney – owned and operated by Presbyterian Aged Care – has recently been completed, transforming the former 88-bed residential aged care facility into a 100-bed facility including a 23-bed dementia unit. While a single room previously fetched a RAD of up to $360,000 the 22 new non-dementia level 6 suites are listed as $1.05 million and $850,000 for...

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Community care providers launch new consolidated organisation

Western Australia’s newest community care organisation – the result of the merger of WA based care providers Care Options, Volunteer Task Force and Community First – has been named Chorus. The new organisation has the tagline A fresh approach to community service and will work creatively and courageously with people in the community. Dan Minchin, Chief Executive Officer of Chorus, announced the new name at an official launch on 25 October. “We are proud to launch Chorus, a name inspired by the idea that a group of people, in our case from three originally separate organisations, could unite and work together to create something much stronger than the sum of our parts,” he said. “Much has changed in the aged, disability and mental health sectors in recent years and we are positioning ourselves for success, excellence and accessibility for a greater number of people in need; Chorus is set to become the ‘new face’ of community services in WA.” “We firmly believe that now we are united, we can be stronger and make a difference as well as provide meaningful, convenient services for people to reconnect with their communities and make a substantial difference to their lives.” The new logo, a symbolic “C”, represents different elements of the organisation and the community coming together for a common purpose – a chorus of voices. “We are thrilled with our new look. It...

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