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Centre opening marks Juniper’s Great Southern expansion

Juniper has opened the first stage of a new service hub that caters to the needs of a growing population and diversity of community organisations in Western Australia. The aged care provider opened its Beryl Grant Community Centre in Albany this week, the first completed facility within the new hub. Juniper Chief Executive, Vaughan Harding, said the facility is part of Juniper’s broader plans in the Great Southern that will see the creation of a major new service hub for the community and older residents. “With this new centre we aim to provide a high quality, thriving and welcoming community space, providing the local area with access to a vast range of activities, services and programs,” he said. “The Beryl Grant Community Centre is a place where people can meet and where families can gather and there are openings for local groups who are invited to take up space to offer their services from the Centre.” Created in consultation with a local Community Advisory Group and utilising local architects, builders and suppliers, the $3.5 million centre has been carefully designed to cater for a variety of uses. Features include multi-purpose function rooms, a workshop space, a café, kitchen facilities and a barbecue area. The facility will also provide office accommodation for sister Uniting Church agency, UnitingCare West, boosting its capacity to deliver its services to the community. “The opening...

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MonteFiore renews five year funding partnership with UNSW

Sydney Montefiore President David Freeman and CEO Robert Orie have announced a renewed five-year funding partnership with the Centre for Healthy Brain Ageing (CHeBA) at UNSW Sydney. The new agreement will allow Montefiore to commission further research and implement best practice in all areas of the organisation, from home care to residential aged care and dementia care. “We’re proud to extend our support for the important work of Professor Henry Brodaty and the team at CHeBA,” said Mr Orie. “The research projects Montefiore has funded since 2012 have had a direct impact on the quality of life of our residents and clients and indeed people with dementia everywhere.” Building on existing research into staff training, behavioural management of dementia and improving dental and oral health care , a new research roadmap has been agreed upon for the next five years. CHeBA’s Professor Lynn Chenoweth and Janet Cook are already working on the first new project improving family carer and staff relationships to provide better shared care planning and delivery. Further research under discussion includes the exploration of new models and quality of care to guide the proposed new Dementia Care building at the Randwick campus. “We can’t think of a better investment than to continue to fund evidence – based best practice for our clinical and allied health programs,” said Mr...

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Jewish Care campaign a finalist in health promotion Oscars

Jewish Care has been named a finalist in health promotion’s night of nights, the VicHealth Awards. Jewish Care has been recognised for its Reach Out Speak Out campaign which aims to combat the stigma associated with mental illness and promote help-seeking behaviour. The video campaign released in 2016 formed part of Jewish Care’s commitment to mental health promotion and featured a variety of Jewish community members with a lived experience of mental ill health. Marilyn Kraner, Individual and Family Support Manager at Jewish Care, said being named a finalist for the 2017 VicHealth awards in the Improving Mental Wellbeing category, is a tremendous honour. “Jewish Care is committed to improving the health and wellbeing of the Victorian Jewish community, so it is wonderful that Jewish Care has been recognised for our work in promoting and improving mental wellbeing,” Ms Kraner said. “It is also pleasing to note that Jewish Care is the only ethno-specific organisation nominated in this group of 45 finalists.” Jewish Care’s Mental Health Promotion Worker, Cassandra Barrett has been integral to the organisation’s work in raising awareness and educating about mental health issues. In addition to the video campaign other successful initiatives include the Postcards for Pesach campaign, monthly mental health bulletins, professional staff training and community parenting forums. VicHealth CEO Jerril Rechter said the quality and scope of this year’s nominations were outstanding. “This year’s...

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Why veterans are missing out on vital health services

Narrow perceptions of what a veteran should be are among barriers in access to veterans’ health services, researchers at the Bolton Clarke Research Institute (BCRI) have found.   Researchers Dr Liz Cyarto, Dr Judy Lowthian, Dr Marissa Dickins and Georgina Johnstone told the Institute’s The Reality of Mental Health symposium in Melbourne better support was still needed for the transition from active service. “One of the major areas where support was identified as lacking was in the transition space, where members are leaving the Defence Force,” she said. “The stark contrast between the investment in intake and exit was evident – three months plus of training to go in compared with one or two days on leaving, if lucky.” “The unwinding of the process that trained members to be soldiers never seemed to be addressed, which was of real concern to all involved. Public perceptions and entrenched stereotypes also led to people not accessing veteran services because they didn’t feel they qualified. “The importance of not treating all veterans as one group was raised, with veterans ranging from 19 to 109 and participating in numerous theatres of war in many countries. “We can’t have a one size fits all approach to support.” “Female veterans spoke of their experiences with health professionals and the general public, who did not see them as worthy of recognition.” “As a female veteran, you...

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