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Benetas appoints new manager to enhance lead in research, innovation

Benetas has appointed a new Research and Innovation Manager as it seeks to expand its research projects and innovation in aged care. Following an extensive search, Dr Catherine Joyce commenced in the role last week. Dr Joyce has led a range of health services research projects focused on older people including studies into fall prevention and chronic wound management, and how older people use Emergency Departments. Benetas Chief Executive Officer, Sandra Hill, said the organisation has always prioritised research that serves to improve aged care services and models of care and having Dr Joyce on board will only enhance this. Benetas’ investment in its Research and Innovation department is part of the organisation’s contribution to its social dividend, which also includes extensive pastoral and client support programs, Ms Hill said. Its research is focused on five priority areas that impact not only Benetas clients but the broader aged care industry: ageing well, consumer directed care, services and care improvement, workforce sustainability, and technology. The not-for-profit organisation recently launched the Positive Ageing Resource Centre which uses a frailty screening tool and customised questions to assess where individuals could use support in managing the effects of ageing. Another project underway is an evaluation of the use of sensors installed beneath a natural floor surface to detect and prevent falls, focusing on how the technology impacts falls frequency and response times, fear of...

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IRT appoints new Chairman

Illawarra businessman Mike Halloran has been appointed the new Chair of IRT Group. Mr Halloran, who has been a director of IRT Group since 2012, has held prominent roles in the region such as chief executive of Illawarra Credit Union and interim chief executive of Illawarra Business Chamber. Former chairman Bruce Allan has retired after three years in the role, during which time IRT grew its assets by 20 per cent and annual income by more than 30 per cent.    ...

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Funding sought for new project to improve basic care of elderly in hospitals

Crowd funding is being sought for a research project that will improve care of elderly patients in hospital in order to prevent common, costly complications such as UTIs and pressure ulcers. Dr Kasia Bail, a registered nurse and Assistant Professor at the University of Canberra, is leading the project and says simple interventions of basic nursing care are under-prioritised in hospitals. In her PhD, Dr Bail calculated that failing to maintain basic nursing care of elderly patients in NSW hospitals alone costs $225 million per year in extra length of stay. She is now seeking to find ways to reduce the four common complications that result from what she describes as a “Failure to Maintain”: urinary tract infection, pressure ulcers, pneumonia and delirium. “Failure to Maintain is the inadequate delivery of fundamental nursing care to a complex older person in hospital,” she said. “The term gives a name to the challenges in providing simple interventions such as mobility, skin care, hydration, nutrition and communication in complex environments like hospitals, to complex patients such as people with dementia,” she said. “Sometimes these conditions are called ‘geriatric syndromes’, but many of these conditions are preventable. Older, complex people are more susceptible to these conditions; my work is to highlight that with increased risk comes increased responsibility of the healthcare service to mitigate that risk.” “We know that when demand for nursing care exceeds...

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Aged Care Complaints Commissioner reappointed

Aged Care Complaints Commissioner, Ms Rae Lamb, has been reappointed for a second term to January 2020. The three year term follows what has been a 12-month trial period of an independent Commissioner responsible for managing aged care complaints, which Ms Lamb took on at the start of this year. In a statement about the reappointment, Minister for Health and Aged Care, Sussan Ley, said the Government has been working hard to reform aged care and give consumers greater choice and control over their aged care services. “We are rightly proud of the Australian aged care system. Internationally, it...

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