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Restored heritage building gains 4 Star Green Star rating

Regis has been named a finalist in the WA Heritage Awards for its refurbishment of Hillcrest aged care facility, incorporating a 115-year-old building and achieving a 4 star green star energy rating. The refurbishments of the site in North Fremantle were finished in mid 2016 and involved refurbishing the existing heritage building, demolishing the former aged care facility and constructing a new aged care facility around the heritage building. The original building was constructed in 1902 and stands high above the town with views of the Swan River and Fremantle docks. Regis’s goal was to create a new 109-bed...

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ACSA unifies and unveils new branding

Aged & Community Services Australia (ACSA) has officially become a single national entity today, following the legal merger of its five offices. CEO Pat Sparrow has overseen its unification after being appointed to the national position last June, and said the new structure will enable the association to deliver the best of ACSA’s state-based member services nationally. “February 6 marks the commencement of ACSA becoming a truly national organisation. We believe this will result in a stronger voice for our industry, enhanced policy and advocacy capacity and will ensure even more effective member support services,” ACSA CEO Pat Sparrow said. “While ACSA will become more focussed on achieving outcomes for members nationally we understand the importance of the services members receive through local state associations. Our new national structure will enable these fantastic services to continue and extend the best of them to national delivery,” she said. “ACSA exists to serve its members and ongoing engagement with them and our supporters, is absolutely critical. We want to discuss and debate the issues confronting the industry with members and develop positions and solutions to address them.” ACSA moved its head office to Melbourne last year and Inside Ageing understands that staff began taking on national responsibilities some months ago to ensure a seamless transition to a single organisation, with the former state CEOs taking on divisional CEO titles and national director functions. It is...

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Bond Guarantee Scheme under review

The Bond Guarantee Scheme is under review with the Aged Care Financing Authority (ACFA) announcing it has been tasked with identifying and assessing alternative models. Despite reiterating that the Government has not made a decision to change the existing scheme, ACFA says it has identified two alternate options to the existing scheme that “warrant more detailed consideration” and now wants to hear from providers. ACFA has outlined the alternate options in a discussion paper, which are to retain the existing Scheme but with a retrospective levy following default events; or creating a guarantee fund pool with a prospective annual provider levy. These options follow consultation with experts on finance and insurance, and organisations representing aged care consumers and providers, and discussion with officials of several Commonwealth, state and territory governments about other schemes that protect assets against loss. Its modelling suggests that the annual cost of either option would be less than one per cent of the value of accommodation payments, and potentially considerably less. Retaining the current Scheme is also a viable option. The cost to providers will also depend on whether everyone pays the same amount of levy per unit of accommodation payment, or whether there is risk rating of providers. ACFA has also identified three policy issues that are important to any guarantee scheme alternatives: What role should there be for reinsurance (spreading the risk of claims...

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