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Baptist Care wins battle to redevelop site

Baptist Care Australia has won a four-year legal battle to build a new retirement village on the site of its former residential care facility in Canberra. Last week the ACT Tribunal gave approval for the provider to develop 100 independent living units on the 22,600 square metre block, in the inner south suburb of Red Hill. The original application, which included 114 units, was lodged with ACT Planning in 2010. It was rejected twice before going to the Tribunal, the ACT Supreme Court and then the Court of Appeal, due to concerns the scale and density of the proposal did not meet zoning regulations. Opposition from a local residents group centred around the coverage of the building on the block, increased street traffic and lack of consultation. During the course of the proceedings, Baptist Care revised its original plans to meet the new Territory Plan that was released, foregoing a third floor attic living space, reducing the number of units, increasing the height of fences and addressing safety concerns about the driveway. An underground carpark with 136 spaces is included in the plans. The original building, which comprised 105 residential care beds and 18 independent living units, has stood vacant since being decommissioned in July 2015. In a statement about the development, Baptist Care said research has shown the ACT faces a looming shortfall of housing suitable for its ageing...

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Home care changes – cessation dates and exit amounts

The Department of Health has updated its fact sheet Changing Home Care Providers with more detailed information on arrangements from 27 February 2017. When a consumer needs continuity of care with no gap in home care subsidy, providers and consumers must reach a mutually agreed cessation date, ensure the new provider is aware of the date and the new provider must then submit an aged care entry record. When a consumer is changing home care providers and there is no gap in care, the ‘start day’ for the new provider (notified through the Aged Care entry record) should be the same date as the ‘cessation day’ for the existing provider (departure details notified through the claims process). Providers are required to notify the Department of Human Services within 31 days of a client ceasing care through a home care service through the home care claim form or the aged care online services system. Note that a home care subsidy is not paid for the client’s cessation day as it will be paid to the new provider. New providers must notify the Department of Human Services within 28 days of the consumer starting care by submitting an Aged Care Entry Record in order to receive payment from the client’s cessation day. Unspent home care package funds (less any exit amount) will move with consumers to their new provider in the event that they wish to...

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Resources to support people with diabetes

New resources have been developed by the National Diabetes Service Scheme (NDSS) to support aged care providers with clients who have diabetes. Around 25 per cent of people living in residential care are thought to have diabetes…

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