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ITAC 2018

ITAC 2018 will emphasise the importance of information technology in establishing a sustainable, quality focused aged care environment. The conference will bring together local and international experts across the fields of community care, medication management, assistive technologies and offsite information systems delivery. These critical aged care topics will be discussed from a practical perspective, highlighting the information we need to know now to better manage and design aged care service delivery which will deliver on the evolving environment of enhanced consumer...

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Serviced apartments with assisted living tech set new benchmark

A new benchmark has been set when it comes to integrated technology, passive health monitoring and assisted living units. Not for profit aged care and retirement living provider, Bethanie, will offer a completely new category in independent seniors living featuring the latest advanced passive health monitoring and assisted living technology when it opens 48 new serviced apartments next month. WA’s first serviced apartments for seniors will provide the perfect balance of support and independence, and offer never before seen technology that will be a standard inclusion in the purchase cost and weekly service fee. The weekly service fee offers...

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Opinion: Choice and flexibility promises paradigm shift for aged care

An elderly woman is on the phone with her son as they plan her appointments and outings for the week ahead. It’s a ritual that’s become common-place for her adult children as they balance the want to help, with their mother’s desire to be as independent as possible. The woman has early-stage dementia, resulting in the occasional missed doctor’s appointment, while the after-effects of a hip replacement mean her weekly visit to the local shops isn’t always unaided. As she and her son hone in on the details of her schedule, she reaches for the iPad, considers the options, and decides she’ll move Tuesday’s visit by her care provider so she can get to her granddaughter’s school play. And, while she’s online, she’ll make a payment for this month’s carer service via the system’s integrated billing platform. With choice and convenience at her fingertips, power is in the hands of the ‘customer’ to decide when and how she wants to interact with her care provider, and the services she’ll select from one visit to the next. It’s a scenario that might seem a world away for many participants in Australia’s aged care system. However, a digital solution to be piloted by Australian Unity could make it a reality – potentially trialled in a matter of months. The online offering, which we’re exploring in collaboration with our partners, is one...

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