Aged Care Enrichment Podcasts are back for 2022

Mark it in your calendar – The Aged Care Enrichment Podcast is back on Tuesday 25th January with series 3.

This year’s podcast schedule will be filled with exciting announcements, fascinating guests and we really want to feature more voices of older adults, so to kick things off we’re talking about preserving some very important human stories.

Some of the most rewarding and exciting moments of working in aged care are hearing about the lives and experiences of older adults, and this episode is all about that feeling. We’ve got one unbelievable life story, and a look at how technology will allow us to keep asking elders questions about their lives, long after they’ve passed away.

Joe de Haan is a 99-year-old Holocaust survivor, who relocated across the world at 68 and now shares his inspiring story with students at the Melbourne Holocaust Centre. Joe is an active, upbeat, and energetic guy – so energetic this episode needs a language warning!

Our second guest is an expert in collecting and preserving stories of older adults. Shannon Biederman is a curator at the Sydney Jewish Museum and speaks to us about Dimensions in Testimony, a project the museum is running with the Shoah Foundation to create interactive holograms of several Holocaust survivors.

The episode’s release also coincides with International Holocaust Remembrance Day, and we’re glad we can share these two perspectives at this time.

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