Aged Care Enrichment Podcast – Improving Palliative Care with Leeroy William (ANZSPM) is available on Tuesday 20th July

Our next episode is all about Palliative Care, and we’re very lucky to be joined by Leeroy William to help us unpack this complex area.

Leeroy is the President of the Australian and New Zealand Society of Palliative Medicine. He’s also an Adjunct Clinical Professor at the University of Monash and Clinical Director of supportive and Palliative Care at Eastern Health in Melbourne.

He came on the show to help us understand the scope of palliative care, and how it encompasses much more than just care in the final moments of someone’s life.

For a lot of our listeners working in the aged care space, death and end of life are common scenarios and in this interview, Leeroy shares with us a few tools to help support people better as they’re approaching the end of their lives.

We’re also very excited to let you know that Leeroy has recently joined the SilVR Adventures’ Board of Advisors and is helping with our plans to bring the benefits of Virtual Reality to people in palliative care.

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