Aged Care Enrichment Podcast: New solutions in the continuum of care – 22 March

Populations are ageing, people are living longer than ever before, and traditional residential care options are not going to be the right fit for an increasing number of people. We need new ideas that fill the gaps between living comfortably in your own home, and the high care needs of a residential facility.

Tuesday’s episode features two new and different solutions to this problem that focus on social engagement, financial stability and above all else – options!

Our first guest is Riley Gibson, the President of Silvernest, an American company helping older adults rent out a spare room in their home to a would-be tenant of all ages. The company is helping to bring social engagement and community to isolated older adults as well as reducing the financial burdens of homeowners.

You can find out more about Silvernest here:

In Part 2 we spoke to Jake Rothstein from UpsideHoM, a Florida based company that is helping older adults move out of their empty nest into multigenerational apartment buildings, where they can access community events, care services and ultimately more independence and helping older adults connect to an engaged multigenerational community.

You can find out more about UpsideHoM here:

Also, if you haven’t been tuning in regularly you might’ve missed our new show on Fridays called Who Cares? Where our friends Daniella and Moz pick apart some of the challenges to delivering great care and will be talking about this episode and the thought-provoking issues raised.

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