Aged Care Enrichment Podcast – Safety Monitoring in Aged Care with Jayne Connery (CCFTV UK) – available Tuesday 24th August

In our next episode, we’re featuring another interesting international guest. We’ll be chatting with Jayne Connery from the UK about Safety Monitoring in residential aged care.

Jayne founded the organisation Care Campaign For The Vulnerable or CCFTV, to advocate for communal area video monitoring in care facilities. Through her work, she puts forward a very compelling argument that monitoring is actually in the interests of not only the residents but also care workers and the providers themselves, which you’ll hear in this episode.

CCFTV also supports care workers and families all around the world through incidences and disputes in aged care, so if you know someone who is in need of support then they may be able to provide some help

If you missed our episode last week, we’re actually celebrating our one year birthday! We’ll be featuring some special messages from friends in the mid-episode break…and again we’ve got a very surprising shout out from someone we had no idea was listening in!

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