Mable launches ‘My Kind of Independence’ campaign

Outdoor campaign by Mable

This is the second story we’ve written in the space of a week about aged care branding, which may signal a change of tack with respect to how care businesses are choosing to present themselves ahead of the July 1 aged care pay rise.

Online Disability and Aged Care Support Platform Mable has launched ‘My Kind of Independence’ campaign, which is aimed at raising the profile of its service and the opportunity for independent support workers to join the platform.

The pioneering online disability and aged care support platform aims to promote inclusivity and empower individuals to live unique lives filled with opportunities. Enlisting the support of its online community, Mable is spearheading this campaign to highlight the diverse range of perspectives on independence among older Australians, people with disabilities, and over 12,000 support workers who utilise the platform.

Motivational speaker and Founder of Stay True Be You, Moustafa Ardati, praised the campaign, stating that it resonated with his own life philosophy. “I feel that if you believe in yourself and stay true to who you are, anything is possible. For me, that is doing what you love. Literally all the lines in the campaign, I’m like, agree, agree, agree,” expressed Moustafa.

Guillaume Papillon, Mable’s Head of Marketing, explained that the campaign presented a unique opportunity to showcase the individuality of every person’s story and highlight the diverse range of needs addressed by the Mable platform. “We saw this as an opportunity to truly champion independence for people with disabilities, older Australians, and support workers. So it was important for us to find a brand platform that placed people at the centre of our creative and messaging and celebrated the uniqueness of everyone’s independence,” said Guillaume.

Mable’s Chief Growth Officer, Matthew Cavalier, emphasised the campaign’s significance in demonstrating the platform’s role in maintaining the independence of people with disabilities and older Australians. Cavalier explained, “The new branding is about differentiating Mable and demonstrating how the needs of a person with a disability differ from those of an older Australian or a support worker. On Mable, there’s no one-size-fits-all approach, with the agreements between a support worker and client being completely bespoke based on the two parties coming together in alignment on their individual needs and goals. This campaign showcases the stories of our customers – clients and support workers – about their kind of independence and what independence means to them.”

Furthermore, the campaign aims to attract new support workers to the Mable platform. In a 30-second video, one support worker expressed the appeal of Mable by stating, “It’s about choosing a client who rocks.” The video also features renowned Australian drummer and educator Andrew Hewitt, who was born with cerebral palsy, demonstrating his musical talent on his drum kit. View the video below:

The ‘My Kind of Independence’ campaign will be showcased through various media channels, including TV, broadcast video-on-demand, out-of-home advertising, radio, and social media. Additionally, Mable will sponsor sensory screenings in cinemas as part of the campaign, providing families with specific sensory needs, such as dimmed lights and reduced volume levels, with a comfortable movie experience.


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