Aged care can learn a thing or two about storytelling from HammondCare’s latest video

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It’s not often Inside Ageing receives a 5-minute video from an aged care provider sharing their story. It’s even rarer that you lose yourself when watching it – feeling like you’re watching the ABC and a popular series like Back Roads or a similar documentary.

HammondCare’s latest video sharing the Christian charity’s story did just that. It also told a compelling story of what makes HammondCare who they are without coming across as a ‘promo piece’ or trudging through 90 years of history, although they do ‘tip their hat’ to the founder Rev Bob Hammond in the first 40 seconds. Watch the video below:

Telling your story can be a scary thing to do in today’s world of social media, where you need to treat the process as if you are presenting to millions of people and be prepared for the inevitable criticism.

Perhaps this is why so few people do it and even fewer seem to do it well.

Aged care has needed to react to many things of late, and may soon start to find itself in a position to be on the front foot in helping the community understand the value of its offering.

Other industries seem to do it. Why not aged care?

Storytelling can be a powerful tool for building trust and positive sentiment – something the sector needs to do to attract workers, investment and the standing in the community it deserves.

Video credits

Creative agency: Mindjam

Producer: Stu Hipwell


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