Future plans for Aged Care Channel

RSL Care + RDNS has confirmed it will be rolling its existing RTO into the Aged Care Channel’s operations and drawing on research support through the RDNS Institute to increase its training scope.

Last month the aged care provider announced it had purchased ACC and has since appointed David Clarke, former GM of Production at ACC, to the role of CEO.

RSL Care + RDNS CEO Steve Muggleton has quashed rumours of a fire sale following alleged cuts in government funding, saying that such funding only accounts for two per cent of ACC’s Australian income.

The majority of its income is from its subscription model through which aged care providers can access training content via a secure digital platform.

The main driver behind the acquisition was to support the growing needs of providers through investing in a strong and skilled workforce.

“We have admired the work of the Aged Care Channel for some time and valued its contribution to workforce training and development,” Mr Muggleton said.

“ACC was looking for investment to expand the services it provides to meet member needs and create a strong and skilled workforce. We saw that as an important investment in the future of the sector.”

“ACC are experts in what they do, and they will continue to operate as an independent organisation. Our intention in forging this relationship is to support the development of solutions that will support the growing needs of aged care providers,” he said.

“To that end, we will fold our RTO into ACC operations, offer the research support of the RDNS Institute and underwrite their future expansion and development.”

Mr Muggleton also acknowledged the huge opportunities for Australian RTOs to deliver aged care training overseas, which has been a key component of recent free trade agreements.

A report by KPMG commissioned by the Commonwealth Education Minister, Simon Birmingham, that was released last week identified opportunity for Australian providers to deliver aged care and health services training in India, Sri Lanka, Saudi Arabia, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, Peru, Brazil, China, Thailand, Korea, Malaysia, Singapore and Vietnam.

“Ageing is a huge challenge for many countries, and you can’t respond to that challenge without a well-equipped and trained workforce. We are particularly interested in ACC’s potential to help support the development of aged care solutions internationally.”

Mr Muggleton has stressed that ACC will remain independent and continue to deliver educational content to its members in Australia.

“The future of the sector is the priority, and a properly equipped workforce is central to that future,” Mr Muggleton said.



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