Health services and palliative care next focus for RC

The Royal Commission’s focus will move to health service access at its next round of public hearings in Canberra in December.

The Royal Commission has announced it will inquire into the interface between aged care and health care systems, including access to Medicare-funded services and health care services, particularly for people living in residential care.

It will also look into the challenges faced by people living in aged care in accessing medical specialists, and the harms arising from inadequate access.

The inquiry hopes to hear ways of improving how older people are transferred to and from aged care and hospitals, including the appropriateness of rehabilitation and transition care services.

Discussion about whether there is a need for improved data collection, communication and planning in relation to the health needs of older people accessing aged care services, including the interoperability of care management systems, will also occur.

Palliative care will also be addressed, with a focus on the sufficiency of access to state and territory funded palliative care services for people living in residential aged care.

The Royal Commission has approached the organisations and individuals from whom it seeks evidence for this public hearing.


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