High capacity, low cost: LDV Deliver 9 enters the light bus market

LDV Deliver 9 Bus
LDV Deliver 9 Bus

The motoring company responsible for the Royal Mail’s iconic delivery van has arrived in Australia’s light bus sector.

LDV is expanding its Australian range with the Deliver 9 Van and Bus range aimed squarely at corporate fleets, transport companies, sole traders, and small and medium enterprises.

Highlighting Deliver 9 bus’s high headroom and electric side-step for ease of entry and exit, LDV General Manager Dinesh Chinnappa said the vehicles also led their class in terms of cost for its size and weight.

“With a laser-like focus on delivering exactly what Australian businesses need in 2021 – space, technology, safety and value-for-money – the all-new LDV Deliver 9 is truly fit for purpose,” he said in a statement.

“It is not just a price story. We’ve taken a single-minded approach to safety, connectivity and functionality. In any competitive face-off the all-new Deliver 9 more than holds its own.

“The all-new Deliver 9 is an important building block in our growth strategy, and we’re excited about the opportunity it brings.”

While LDV Automotive is now owned by one of the world’s largest vehicle manufacturers, SAIC Motor, it has a history that traces back to 1.5-tonne 19th century steam power.

A series of company mergers saw the marque join Leyland DAF in 1993 when the vans were utilised by the United Kingdom’s Royal Mail, the National Grid electricity company, and other emergency services fleets.

It came under the SAIC company in 2010, before it launched in Australia in 2014 with commercial vehicles and its T60 Trailrider ute and D90 seven-seat family SUV.

Now seeking to expand into the aged care, disability services and healthcare market, the Deliver 9 Bus incorporates safety features including six airbags as standard, autonomous emergency braking, Bosch electronic stability control system and a lane departure warning.

Its 1.2 metre side door and 180 degree opening rear doors allow easier access. There are also options for mid-and high-roof configurations, 11, 12 or 14-seat variants.

For passengers, the Bus has loads of headroom, large windows, ergonomic seats, and front and rear air conditioning for optimum comfort.

Eagleton Ridge Disability Services has ordered six 12-seat buses that are being readied for delivery.

Other Deliver 9 features include capped-price servicing of $1,962 for the lesser of three years or 95,000 kilometres. A three-year/160,000km warranty (whichever occurs first) is also in place.

Mr Chinnappa said the Deliver 9 “delivers more for Australian businesses”.

“We know our value proposition is better than the opposition, and that we’re more than comparable across a range of key criteria,” he said.

“It carries more for less, it’s loaded with technology and safety, and it’s the segment price leader.”

Vehicle specs include a Euro V Turbo Diesel engine with Eco and Power models, stop/start engine technology, cruise control and a 10-inch touch screen infotainment system.

Prices start from just $52,990 driveaway for the 11 seat Mid Wheel Bus Automatic for ABN holders.

Transport in aged care is set to change in the coming years amid reform following the Royal Commission into the sector.

Among its many recommendations was a specific social supports category within Australian Government grant-funded aged care programs to include centre-based day care and the social support, delivered meals and transport service under home care.

The commissioners recommended the new category from July 2022 in a bid to reduce and prevent social isolation and loneliness among older people and enhance wellbeing.

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