Independent living core to new Samsung products

Samsung has unveiled its new range of consumer electronics and home appliances that will be available in Australia later this year and serve to enable independent living.

Smart technology is very much at the centre of all the new products that not only respond to commands from mobile apps but talk to each other through wifi, according to a report by IT Wire.

The new Samsung Gear S3 smartwatch is being touted as a solution for independent living. It was developed in partnership with Australian company mCareWatch to be customised for older people with medical conditions.

It features GPS, heart rate monitor, gyroscope, and LTE connectivity it can track wanderers, prompt medication schedules, identify if there is an emergency through monitoring movement and metrics, and send a detailed emergency SOS to family members and carers.

It can also read emails out loud through text to speech functions and provide aural and haptic prompts for directions to vision impaired users.

In addition to new wearable and virtual reality glasses, Samsung has developed fridges that can order groceries direct from Woolworths, enable you to literally see what’s inside from anywhere and recommend recipes based on what you have.

A new robot vacuum cleaner that can be controlled through a mobile app maps and memorises the house layout also self-cleans long hair from the brush.

For the laundry, Samsung has designed a new 3-in-1 front loader washing machine that has two washing machines and a dryer, and a top loader with a built-in “sink” for preparing items for the wash.


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