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Australia’s most popular workshop across both Aged Care and Disability.

Do your progress notes provide evidence of your duty of care or is it absent, irrelevant or incomplete?

Blended learning combines a foundational e-Learning module with a virtual Face to Face (F2F) session over Zoom.

How it works:

10 days prior to the Live training date you will receive the eLearning invite. At the completion of the eLearning module, you will receive a certificate for Part 1, the handout required for Part 2, and the Zoom link to join the workshop on the advertised date

Duration: e-Learning module of 45-60 minutes + 1.5hr Zoom session

Recommended for: Nurses, Allied Health, Care Workers, and Assistants in Nursing.

Workshop includes:

Part – 1: e-learning- laying the foundations – access is given 10 days prior to the live training as a link to EasyGenerator (PHI’s LMS)

This section lays the foundation for the live training that follows. Be sure to watch the short videos and answer the related quizzes. It is designed to assist your learning and you will need to achieve 100% to successfully move to the live training.

Download your certificate plus the handout and zoom link for the Live Online Training (Zoom)

Part – 2: live interactive training (LOT – 1.5Hrs) – using the skills

After successful completion of Part-1: e-learning, you receive a link to book into the interactive workshop with a PHI facilitator.

This live online workshop will help transform the knowledge gained from Part 1 into useable skills.