THRIVE: A Comprehensive Guide to Enhancing Aged Care Menus with Low GI foods

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Nestlé Professional and the Glycemic Index Foundation have collaborated to create a free guide, THRIVE, offering practical advice for enhancing the nutritional quality of aged care menus. The guide focuses on incorporating affordable and flavorful low glycemic index (GI) foods to improve the well-being of elderly residents. With a rising prevalence of diabetes among older individuals in residential aged care, the guide addresses health and lifestyle challenges through the promotion of low GI diets.

THRIVE, authored by Nestlé Professional Accredited Practising Dietitian Ms Michelle McCracken, presents easy-to-understand information on low GI foods, featuring nourishing recipes and expert advice for meal planning with an emphasis on protein and calcium. The guide aims to simplify the process for food service teams in creating meals that contribute to residents’ thriving. Recognising the critical role of catering to special diets, the guide equips aged care providers with skills to enhance menu quality in nutrition, taste, and appeal.

Glycemic Index Foundation Chief Scientific Officer Dr Alan Barclay emphasises the importance of promoting low GI diets, given the global increase in diabetes. The THRIVE guide includes 15 new recipes using Nestlé Professional’s low GI product range, addressing nutritional gaps with a focus on high protein and calcium. Nestlé Professional’s Executive Chef, Ms Elke Travers, highlights the nutrient-rich and visually appealing nature of the recipes, designed to meet dietary requests without compromising taste or nutrition.

A FREE copy of THRIVE: A Practical Guide to low GI in Food Service is now available