Workplace Violence and Aggression

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Altura Learning’s new course – Workplace Violence and Aggression is now available

Workplace violence and aggression is a major concern in both health and aged care and can have a serious impact on a staff member’s physical health, mental health and wellbeing.

This course explores what workplace violence and aggression is, and strategies to prevent and respond to incidents.

This is a Developing course on the Altura Learning Pathway and is recommended for all staff working in health and aged care.

After completing this course, learners will be able to:

● Define workplace violence and aggression

● Describe the potential impacts of workplace violence and aggression on staff

● Explore strategies to prevent and respond to incidents of workplace violence and aggression

The course is accompanied by a comprehensive set of learning resources, including a course information sheet, infographic, quick reference guide and coordinator resources, which include a training game.

This course is available in a SCORM format. It has been developed using eLearning authoring tools that provide greater interactivity and flexibility for learners. The design of the course maximises active rather than passive learning, which enhances the learning process and increases knowledge retention.

You can find out more about Workplace Violence and Aggression here or contact the Altura Learning team on