Q&A sessions following screenings of the dementia film Everybody’s Oma

In an Australian first, consultants with HammondCare’s Dementia Support Australia (DSA) will support Q&A sessions following screenings of the movie, Everybody’s Oma, to promote a better understanding of the reality of caring for someone with dementia.

Everybody’s Oma follows the heartwarming story of a NSW Central Coast mother and grandmother, Hendrika van Genderen, who became a global sensation during the pandemic based on family home videos that followed her experiences living with dementia. The Youtube channel by the name Oma’s Applesauce has almost 4,000 subscribers.

DSA consultants will participate in Q&A Huddles during a national preview screening tour beginning in the Sydney suburb of Burwood on Saturday, July 30. Director/producer Jason van Genderen and his wife Megan, who also appear in the film, will also take part in the information sessions. The film will have a general release in cinemas on August 11.

DSA Head of Dementia Professional Services Marie Alford, who is participating in some of the Q&A Huddles, said the release of Everybody’s Oma was an extraordinary opportunity to connect with people who have questions about dementia.

“We expect there will be many who will be attending these preview screenings who can relate closely to Oma’s journey and how the van Genderen family responded,” Ms Alford said.

“We’re here to support anyone who might want to know more  about a disease that is impacting a growing number of families as Australia’s population ages.”

Everybody’s Oma was primarily filmed on iPhones and features footage spanning 12 years of the van Genderen family’s home life. The film has already been selected for the Sydney Film Festival, Melbourne International Film Festival and Cinefest Oz, with critics giving it a thumbs up. View the trailer below:

Sadly, Oma lost her battle with Alzheimer’s and vascular dementia on February 17, 2022. As a tribute, a front-row seat will be left free in memory of Oma at each screening.

Mr van Genderen said the use of iPhone video in the movie enabled him to capture fleeting situations to give the film a raw intimacy with the audience.

“In Everybody’s Oma, the audience will experience an intimate observation of our family – all the flaws and joys – as we navigate an extraordinary journey,” he said.

Mr van Genderen will also share insights about his journey with Oma as a speaker at the International Dementia Conference: Brave New World on September 8 and 9, 2022 at the Hilton Sydney. Details about the conference can be found here.

For further information about screenings and to purchase tickets, go to:  https://www.everybodysoma.com


July 30 –        Event Cinemas Burwood – 6.30 pm (Sydney)

July 31 –        Randwick Ritz – 4.00 pm (Sydney)

August 1 –     Dendy Canberra – 6.30pm

August 2 –     Dendy Coorparoo – 6.30pm (Brisbane)

August 3 –     Event Cinemas Cairns Central – 6.30 pm

August 4 –     Dendy Southport – 6.30 pm (Gold Coast)

August 5 –     BCC Maroochydore – 6.30 pm (Sunshine Coast)

August 9 –     Hobart State Cinema – 6.30 pm

August 10 –   Palace Nova Eastend – 6.30 pm (Adelaide)

August 11 –   Windsor Cinema – 6.30 pm (Perth)

August 13 –   Avoca – 7.30 pm (NSW Central Coast)

August 20 –   Avoca – 8 pm (NSW Central Coast)

August 30 –   Classic Elsternwick – 6.30 pm (Melbourne)


  1. I was deeply touched by the powerful screening of “Everybody’s Oma” and the insightful QA sessions that followed. The film beautifully captures the challenges and emotions surrounding dementia, creating a compassionate space for understanding and empathy. It’s truly inspiring to see platforms like Inside Ageing fostering important conversations and shedding light on such a crucial topic. Thank you for creating such a valuable resource for our community.
    – DominionCinemas


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