Red Cross shifts focus from home visits to respite

The Red Cross will cease to provide community engagement services and home visits for its clients at the Lady Lawley Cottage in Perth in the next few months, according to reports by the ABC.

Up to 87 staff are expected to lose their jobs at the respite and community services centre as families transfer to other providers.

While it is currently unclear whether the changes will affect other clients or only those connected to the Cottesloe respite centre, it is understood the organisation is planning to grow its high-needs unit at the ocean-side residence for overnight or weekend respite care.

Red Cross WA Director Linda Crumlin told the ABC “there are other organisations in WA who are well placed to provide home visits and community respite care,” which is why the changes are occurring.

She said the Red Cross will work with clients to find new service providers that are right for them and support them through the change.

One of the key services the Red Cross provides to its Lady Lawley Cottage families is managing disability support funds, which one parent said to replicate the same level of care and fund management would mean his wife would have to quit work.

Red Cross did not respond to our request for further information about the matter.



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