RSL LifeCare launches new brand identity

Leading aged care, retirement living, and veteran support services organisation, RSL LifeCare, has unveiled a bold and modern brand identity and refreshed organisational values.

The new brand identity is designed to unify all RSL LifeCare employees and volunteers across various locations and functions, paying homage to the organisation’s 110-year-old legacy while embracing a future-focused identity. This identity emphasises holistic services and support for veterans, clients, and residents across NSW and the ACT.

At the launch event, RSL LifeCare CEO Janet Muir revealed the new brand and values.

“This new brand identity goes beyond changes to uniforms, signage, and logos. It will help our teams connect better with veterans, seniors, and the community.”

RSL LifeCare CEO Janet Muir

RSL LifeCare’s four new people-focused values are doing the right thing, aiming higher, caring from the heart, and acting as one team. These principles will guide all team members in their decision-making and care acts.

The new brand identity will not change the organisation’s name or its commitment to serving the veteran community. The rollout of the refreshed brand will continue over the coming months.


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