Updated: Subsidised leadership development and assessment program

Updated: 17th May 2022

If you have questions about this HSSO subsidised leadership assessment program for front line leaders you can join an information session we’re hosting and hear from employers who have used CILCA360 to empower their key personnel.

Creators of the assessment tool will also be on-hand to answer your questions along with employers who can speak to the outcomes being achieved in areas such as staff retention and team engagement.

Date: Wednesday 27th May 2022

Time: 12noon AEST


Right now we know that retaining good leaders and staff is a significant challenge in the aged care sector.

We also know that leadership capability and team cohesion have a significant impact on engagement and psychological safety – which are contributors to attraction and retention.

This is why we are so excited that we have been able to partner with the Human Services Skills Organisation (HSSO) to offer subsidised CILCA360 assessments to 1000 leaders across Australia.

Normally valued at between $750 and $1500 – now available to care organisations for $295*

A CILCA360 will help your leaders get insights into how they can increase the positive impact they can have on team engagement and psychological safety. An assessment includes:

  • virtual debrief with an accredited coach
  • leadership resources, including action planning and self-development guide
  • pathways to formal leadership qualifications
An introduction to CILCA360 by Veraison principal Abby Hunt.

CILCA360 will help you budget for and build targeted cost-effective development programs to support the leaders driving the future of your business.

* Subsidy only applies to front line supervisors and middle/service managers with set allocation per state and a cap of 1000 leaders.


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