SwanCare partners with Curtin to improve skills, knowledge of future doctors

SwanCare has partnered with Curtin University’s Medical School to launch a new Senior Citizen Partnership Program that aims to improve the skills of future doctors.

The program sees two medical students allocated to each of the 15 aged care and retirement living residents involved in the program to give the students insight into their lives, the health and wellbeing issues they face, and their experiences with the health care system.

The seniors will be involved throughout the student’s degree, which being an undergraduate course will take five years.

During that time the seniors will be visited at least six times in the first year by the students, and four times per year for the remainder of their course.

SwanCare Chief Executive Officer Graham Francis said already the partnership had received outstanding feedback from those involved.

“Since we became involved in this partnership, we’ve had an absolutely fantastic response by the residents involved who have found it a positive experience, and who have really enjoyed getting to know the students,” he said.

“Our residents are providing a very meaningful experience for the student doctors and I think they’re delighted to be involved in this brand new partnership which really is making medical history in WA.”

“As well as our residents embracing the opportunity, it’s very encouraging to know that the knowledge the students are gaining is equipping them well for their future profession as doctors.”


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