TGA approval for SuprCuvr hand disinfectant


Australian company Skin Elements (ASX: SKN) has announced an exclusive partnership with Pacific Health Care who will sell their TGA-approved plant-based disinfectant in Australia and New Zealand.

The spray is being marketed as a hand disinfectant and tested to eliminate COVID-19 with 99.99999% (Log 7 reduction) efficacy, which is the highest ever rating granted to a disinfectant.

Inside Ageing spoke with Skin Elements Chairman Peter Malone who shared some of the company’s journey in originally developing organic wellness products before pivoting to develop the all-natural SuperCuvr range in response to the pandemic.

“We’ve spent the past 17 years and $35 million developing organic, completely plant-based products that are safe for humans, which helped us develop products that are highly effective at killing off pathogens, such as bacteria and coronaviruses,” he said.

We now have a distributor in Pacific Health Care who has been around for close to 30 years and can help take the product to market here in Australia and New Zealand – with a focus on high-risk sectors such as aged care, health, schools, childcare and we’re even getting some interest from mine sites given the rise in Covid-cases here in Perth.” added Peter.

SuprCuvr is designed to not only combat Covid but also kill off other potentially dangerous pathogenic bacteria, including E. coli, S. aureus (golden staph) and Salmonella. The plant-based formula allows it to be sprayed on surfaces and in areas where food may be present.


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