Unlocking aged care rights: Empowering providers for excellence

With today being World Elder Abuse Awareness Day readers are reminded of the educational resources available through Aged Care Justice.

Aged Care Justice has made available a series of Fact Sheets specifically designed to help aged care providers gain a deeper understanding of acceptable practices regarding restrictive measures in aged care settings. The Fact Sheets cover topics such as physical, medical, and environmental restraint, providing valuable insights into best practices and promoting resident well-being.

These materials are continually updated to cover a wide range of aged care legal rights, and tailored to meet the needs of aged care providers, ensuring care providers have the knowledge and tools necessary to navigate the complexities of aged care regulations effectively.

The Fact Sheets on residential aged care agreements will help with understanding the rights and obligations under these agreements. They include practical tips for negotiating agreements, outline the expected standard of care, and offer guidance on addressing breaches and remedies.

Similarly, the Fact Sheets on home care agreements shed light on the rights and responsibilities of both providers and recipients. On offer are strategies for effective negotiation, highlighting the standard of care expected from providers, and outlining the consequences of breaches and available remedies.

With this information, home care providers can foster strong partnerships with care recipients and deliver services that truly meet their needs.

Other topics include elder rights in aged care, such as neglect, the unreasonable use of force, decision-making powers with Power of Attorney or Guardian, visitation rights, accessing health records, and capacity assessment.

Join the distribution list to receive the Fact Sheets tailored specifically for aged care providers.

Contact: info@agedcarejustice.org.au


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