Grandton Applecross partners with Roshana Care Group for innovative care model

Grandton Applecross, Perth, Western Australia.

Roshana Care Group has been chosen to provide personal and clinical care services for Grandton Applecross (Western Australia), an innovative seniors living project developed by Norup+Wilson, STH, WS Interiors, and PACT.

Grandton Applecross aims to revolutionise aged care by offering luxury, strata-owned adaptable apartments within a vibrant community setting and a comprehensive range of services. Grandton is the brainchild of John Frame, who left a career in WA aged care to develop his vision for seniors living. Mr Frame has penned a guest post about his journey to develop Grandton…Read it here.

Roshana Care Group specialises in retirement living, aged care, home care, disability, and mental health services.

In a statement, Roshana’s CEO Dr Rosh Jalagge highlighted their ability to cater to the diverse healthcare needs of senior citizens within the Grandton model.

We are providing Residential Aged Care Services, Home Care Services, NDIS Services, Mental Health Services and Retirement Living for the Grandton Applecross Project,” said Dr Jalagge.

The Chairman of Grandton Limited, John Frame, echoes this sentiment, pointing to Roshana’s core values of compassion, respect, communication, and teamwork, which align with the project’s goals of fostering a sense of home and community support.

This partnership signifies a significant step forward in redefining the standards of senior living and aged care services.


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