How to achieve IT excellence in care – 2 May

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Join us for an exclusive webinar masterclass on ‘How to Achieve IT Excellence in Care’, hosted by The Lookout Way, featuring special guest Scott Lawton, CEO of IT Integrity. 

To maintain a reliable, trustworthy and reputable care business at scale, IT excellence is paramount – it drives operational efficiency, improves consumer care, ensures data security and compliance, enables informed decision-making, simplifies audits and quality standards reporting and helps your company maintain a competitive edge. 

Join us for an evidence-based masterclass that draws upon the insights derived from over 40 care service provider Technology Strategy Roadmaps and will help you learn practical strategies to optimise technology investments, establish resilient architectures, enhance cybersecurity measures, and ultimately achieve IT excellence in care. 

You will walk away from this webinar with an understanding of the next steps to take to ensure you are using the best IT & software solutions for your business. 

Here’s what you can expect to learn:

– ICT Governance: Explore the core principles of effective ICT governance, enabling informed decision-making, fostering transparency, and aligning IT initiatives seamlessly with strategic objectives.

– Digital Maturity Baseline: Understand the essential baseline technology investments required to support care services tactically and operationally, laying the groundwork for future growth and innovation.

– Cyber Security Framework: Discover fundamental facets of a robust cybersecurity framework and strategies to mitigate risks, fortify data protection measures, and ensure compliance with regulatory mandates.

– Technology ‘End-State’ Planning: Learn where to build upon your technology foundation, identifying the areas of technology investment that will enhance and accelerate your business outcomes. 

– Investment & Selection: Unpack the next steps to take in selecting ‘fit-for-purpose’ technology for your business, including how to embed change to maximise the investment return utilising enterprise guidelines and business-driven requirements. 

– Data as the Source of Truth: Access and dissemination of data is paramount in enhancing care outcomes –  that is; information to the right person, at the right time. Learn some best-practice approaches, from the carer’s toolset selection, through to modern-day data platforms that enable interoperability of systems for efficient care.

You’ll leave the webinar equipped with a sector-specific tactical digital maturity plan to assess your organisation’s technology investments effectively – ensuring that your IT dollars enable the achievement of your goals, not hindering them.

Don’t miss this opportunity to elevate your organisation’s IT strategy and drive efficiency and better care outcomes.

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