How to implement technological change fast at scale – 9 May

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In today’s rapidly evolving care industry, large organisations risk delaying important technological changes due to the complexity, time and internal support required to turn the ship. Understanding the essentials for internal change management is critical for staying ahead and staying nimble.  

In this webinar masterclass, learn how to successfully implement new technology and systems – no matter how large and complex your care organisation might be!

Join us for a practical and instructional Q&A session with Daniel Cameron from the award-winning Alyve Consultancy and Nick Claringbold, General Manager of HomeCare Services for Blue Cross, to understand how to maximise your time to value when implementing new game-changing technology in your care business.

You’ll learn:

– what changes are facing the Home Care Industry now that need to be considered, 

– how to use pressure to your advantage,

– what you need to do to get digital transformation right, and

– real-life examples of what works for a fast efficient onboarding and implementation roll-out

Don’t risk getting left behind! Stay ahead by learning the realistic journey of implementing change management fast at scale and what a successful onboarding experience looks like. 

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