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Regis - Future of Ageing awards 2019 - People and Culture

This article is part of our showcase of the 2019 Future of Ageing Awards. Regis won the People and Culture Award.  

Project Flourish was initiated in 2016 to attract, engage, develop and retain Regis’ Registered Nurses (RNs) and give them a clear path to becoming Clinical Managers.

Project Overview

Regis wanted to ensure a minimum standard of knowledge for each of their RNs across a wide set of clinical and leadership competencies. Each RN was assessed and a tailored development plan was co-created by the RN and their Clinical Manager. The purpose of this process was to identify skill gaps and ensure that the RNs attended targeted training.

The RN assessments also helped Regis recruit more appropriately to fill identified skill gaps and design better study day schedules to address any shortfalls across the organisation.

How it came together

In 2016, Regis’ RN turnover was 45 per cent and they were finding it difficult to recruit and retain quality RNs with Aged Care-specific experience. The Regis team set out to design a training program that would comprehensively explain the role and responsibilities of RNs at Regis.

The resulting program, called Project Flourish, is made up of two stages.

The initial three-day program called BOOST, covers Clinical Documentation, Specialist Nursing and Shift and People Leadership.

The second program, ADVANCE, is a five-day program that aims to further develop the documentation and specialist nursing skills, as well as enhance the leadership skills required at the Clinical Manager level.

Participants attend days one- four consecutively and are then required to complete a detailed workbook over the next month before completing the final day, where they reflect on their learning journey and also graduate from the course.

The Project Flourish process now starts at recruitment with scenario-based recruitment tools designed to give candidates an opportunity to demonstrate their technical and behavioural skills to ensure an alignment to culture.

New RNs complete a detailed and structured on-boarding program when joining Regis and, after four months in their role, complete a self-assessment of their Clinical and Leadership skills. This assessment is also completed by the individual’s Clinical Manager.

These two assessments are brought together in a summary report and reviewed by a Flourish Clinical Coach who creates a tailored development plan. The development plan then identifies training and study days to be attended, along with learning experiences to be completed on the job over the coming 12 months. The development plan is updated as items are completed and returned once all items are completed and the individual reassessed.

Regis uses a talent ‘9-box’ model to identify an individual’s capability and performance against their potential to move into a bigger role over a specific time period.

An individual’s ‘9-box’ position is then calibrated in discussions between the Clinical Manager, Flourish Clinical Coach and the Facility Manager. Calibrated information from individual facilities are collected and viewed by regional leadership. These calibration sessions are call ‘Flourish People Days’.

This process enables planned career pathways that better prepare talented staff for promotion, reduces transition ‘shock’ and results in improved promotion and business outcomes.


Each year, Regis deliver 25 Boost programs and eight Advance Programs. More than 300 of RNs have current development plans and 355 RNs have completed the program.

Over 85 per cent of Regis’ RNs now participate in Project Flourish and the staff turnover rate has gone from 45 per cent to 24 per cent. 

Approximately 75 per cent of Regis’ promotions are now internal and their clinical and leadership scores have improved by 30 per cent for clinical and 20 per cent for leadership.


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