Toby Hall departs St Vincent’s Health Australia

Toby Hall, Group CEO, St Vincent's Health Australia

Group CEO Toby Hall departed St Vincent’s Health Australia (SVHA) yesterday, after 8 years of leading the organisation across public and private hospitals and aged care.

In August 2020, Toby penned a guest post for Inside Ageing during the height of the pandemic, paying tribute to health care workers and calling out the difference between how hospital workers are treated compared to aged care workers. He was in the unique position to do so and the story struck a real chord, attracting many thousands of reads and foreshadowing much of what was to come. His comments still apply today and are well worth a read. An excerpt from the guest post is below, with a full version available here.

‘We have spent the last six months acknowledging and celebrating the sacrifice and dedication of frontline healthcare workers in the face of the pandemic, and rightfully so. 

But I will never understand how, despite showing exactly the same traits and often working under equally trying circumstances, we continue to largely overlook the contribution of the thousands of Australians who work in aged care. 

Poorly paid, and with many needing upskilling, aged care workers have been operating under enormous pressure. And yet the broader community at best takes them for granted and at worst are openly hostile to their efforts. 

I’m in a fairly unique position as the CEO of an organisation that runs both hospitals and aged care. I see, on a daily basis, how our society treats these groups of workers differently.’

Commenting on Toby’s departure SVHA Chair Paul McClintock AO shared the following in a staff email earlier today,

“After eight years of outstanding service with St Vincent’s Health Australia, today I inform you that Toby Hall is departing from his position as Group Chief Executive Officer. The board would like to take the opportunity to acknowledge and thank Toby for the significant contribution he has made to the St Vincent’s family during his tenure. We thank Toby for the commitment and drive he has brought to the position, particularly in guiding the organisation through the last two years, when our services have been significantly impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Toby has led the organisation with our founding mission at heart, and in doing so, has made a particular contribution to expanding St Vincent’s Health’s services to support vulnerable communities and those affected by poverty, mental illness, homelessness, and drug and alcohol abuse.

He has also led the expansion of a number of our health precincts, including the extensive development of the St Vincent’s Health Precinct Sydney, the expansion of St Vincent’s Private Hospital Toowoomba, the building of Griffith and Werribee Hospitals, and the planned redevelopment of the Fitzroy Campus in Melbourne. He has also overseen significant growth in our aged care division.”

A global search has begun to identify SVHA’s next CEO.


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