A new way to pour

Originally invented by Italian innovator Andy De Petra, the Uccello Kettle was dreamt up as a solution to De Petra’s own personal struggles with psoriatic arthritis, where he found everyday tasks, such as pouring a cup of tea, to be a real challenge.

After much research, he found that the assisted living kettle options available were limited and hence the Uccello Kettle was born.

Unlike like traditional kettles, the circular shape of the Uccello Kettle, combined with its rotating cradle, moves around the body of water to assist the flow of the pour, so you don’t have to lift, balance or strain – making it ideal for those with limited strength, visibility or mobility.

Inside Ageing spoke with Betty Sutherland from Perth who has been using the kettle for several years, after receiving it as a gift from her daughter-in-law.

At close to 80 years of age and suffering from arthritis,  Betty enjoys the benefits the kettle offers in allowing her to make a cuppa without needing to lift the kettle out of its cradle.

“You pour the hot water away from yourself, so it’s really good for avoiding burns”, Betty added.

When asked whether she would recommend the kettle to others, “I recommend it all the time – a friend of mine has just bought one”, she said.

The award-winning Uccello Kettle can be purchased in Australia online, with an optional mug holder (pictured) and a non-slip mat.

For further information – uccellodesigns.com.au

Uccello ‘Muggi’ mug holder


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