A rights-based system to deliver the change we need

Nicholas Brown, Acting CEO, Aged Care Guild
Nicholas Brown, Acting CEO, Aged Care Guild

The proposed recommendations from the Royal Commission’s Counsel Assisting mark an important step for the Royal Commission process and are a strong indication of the final recommendations to be delivered by Commissioners Briggs and Pagone on 26 February 2021.

The Aged Care Guild broadly supports the recommendations and is making its way through them in more detail. It applauds and stands behind Counsel Assisting’s proposal for a rights-based system of aged care and a complete rewrite of the current legislation to deliver the change we need. The Aged Care Guild is committed to an aged care system that highly values and supports the older person as they age.

Acting CEO, Nicholas Brown says the Aged Care Guild and its members do not want the final recommendations to be another report that sits on the desks of Government.

“This time we need real change and the aged care sector is committed to the necessary reform,” say Mr Brown.

“Counsel Assisting’s recommendations only reinforce the extent of change needed and we look forward to working with Government, workers, consumers and other stakeholders to make this happen.”

More than ever, this period has highlighted the importance of the Royal Commission and its contribution to developing a long-term and consumer-centred plan for reform, to ensure senior Australians receive the quality of care they need and deserve.


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