Aged Care Complaints Commissioner reappointed

Aged Care Complaints Commissioner, Ms Rae Lamb, has been reappointed for a second term to January 2020.

The three year term follows what has been a 12-month trial period of an independent Commissioner responsible for managing aged care complaints, which Ms Lamb took on at the start of this year.

In a statement about the reappointment, Minister for Health and Aged Care, Sussan Ley, said the Government has been working hard to reform aged care and give consumers greater choice and control over their aged care services.

“We are rightly proud of the Australian aged care system. Internationally, it is well recognised that we have a robust and innovative quality framework in place. However, it is very important that we also have a reliable, independent mechanism to address concerns when they arise.

“Consumers, family, carers and loved ones have shown confidence in the Commissioner, speaking up about their concerns, and the Commissioner and her team have an excellent record in responding to concerns and resolving issues.”

“The provision of this free service is an important part of that commitment. The health, safety and well-being of older people is of paramount importance and the reappointment of Ms Lamb ensures not only the necessary safeguards to protect consumers, but also to focus on continuous quality improvement.”


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