Aged Care Enrichment Podcast – Ageing in Scandinavia with Carrie Peterson is available on Tuesday 30th March

On Tuesday we head to the region that’s home to the world’s happiest countries to hear what ageing in Scandinavia is like, with our guest Carrie Peterson.

Carrie is an expert in dementia, welfare technology and digital health systems who’s originally from the United States, and now lives and works in Denmark.

She has worked as a consultant and advisor to a number of organisations including the World Health Organisation, the International Caregivers Association and Aging 2.0.

Carrie completed her PHD in gerontechnology – looking at the use of smart home technology in aged care settings which we talk about in this episode.

We also focus on the aged care systems and attitudes towards aging in Scandinavia and some of the new models of care that are emerging in the region.

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