Aged Care Enrichment Podcast – End of Life Enrichment with guests Darren Evans (AfterCloud) and Melissa Reader (Violet Initiative) is available on Tuesday 8th June

On Tuesday, we have a two part episode with two great guests. With the help of Darren Evans from AfterCloud and Melissa Reader from The Violet Initiative, we’ll be focusing on end of life care and how we can transform the final stage of life into a more positive and meaningful experience for everyone.

First up is Darren Evans, who’s talking about his company AfterCloud, which has created a close group digital sharing platform for people at the end of their lives and beyond. Darren has a lot to say about how technology can be used to enrich the final stage of life and provide a personalised and private digital legacy.

Next, we have Melissa Reader from The Violet Initiative to talk about how we can eliminate regretful outcomes at the end of life. Melissa shares with us how regretful death adversely affects not just the community but also how it impacts aged care workers and businesses.

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