Aged Care Enrichment Podcast – Latin America’s Silver Economy with Flora Proverbio (Ethnos Strategy) – available Tuesday 28th September

On Tuesday, we’re talking to somebody from a country and region we haven’t heard a lot about. Our guest is Flora Proverbio from Buenos Aires, Argentina who does quite a few different things.

She helps older adults find employment, helps companies market their products to people over 50, and runs a community for women over 50 called Plateadas. (Plateadas means Silver in Spanish)

In the episode, we get to understand some of the challenges that Flora faced when looking for work in her late 40s, the work she does with her silver economy consultancy Ethnos Strategy, and the changing perception of older people in Latin America. 

Having lived and worked in the US for many years, Flora has some interesting insights into what makes ageing in Argentina and the wider region so much different to Australia.

For those of you who’ve listened to the podcast for a while, you’ll know that we’re fascinated by how the ageing experience and aged care services differ for different cultures, regions and countries, so this was a really interesting episode for us to explore Latin America for the first time.

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