Aged Care Enrichment Podcast: Music and Memory – March 29

Next week’s guest on the podcast is Michael Rossato Bennett, an American documentary filmmaker best known for his film, Alive Inside.

Alive Inside followed the company Music and Memory as it helped older adults in care reconnect to themselves and reawaken with the help of their favourite music.

You might remember the scene with Henry’s whole face and body language lighting up when he hears songs from his youth – that clip has had over 7 million views on YouTube! (view below)

Despite the background in music and filmmaking, this conversation with Michael is about human connection, and what underpins or should underpin any care that we seek to provide for people, no matter their age.

Michael has a great talent at converting his ideas into films and conveying his thoughts into words, and we’re sure you will enjoy listening to this discussion.

As always you can hear Daniella and Maurie’s take and thoughts about these ideas in their show Who Cares? which is released every Friday.

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