Aged Care Enrichment Podcast – New Solutions for Global Challenges with Jon Warner (Silver Moonshots) – available Tuesday 19th October

On Tuesday, we have an interesting episode that focuses on products and services for older adults, and how they get made. Guiding us through the wild ride of entrepreneurship and product development is Jon Warner.

Jon has been working in the ageing space for over 25 years, and this most recent phase of his career has focused on helping new companies develop and launch their products to the over 65’s.

Among many board engagements throughout the industry, Jon leads Silver Moonshots, a startup accelerator that helps companies that serve older adults prepare and develop their businesses for investment and growth.

Jon helps to explain how all those new products you’re seeing for older adults get made, what makes them successful and the two-way benefits that develop when care providers become early adopters through pilot programs.

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