Agetech map reveals innovations to support ageing

Silver Futures Agetech map

Embracing the power of science, medicine, and technology, ageing takes on a new dimension as Australian startups pave the way for longer, healthier lives. The recently launched Silver Futures Australian Agetech Map highlights the innovative endeavours of local startups and businesses dedicated to transforming the ageing experience. Notably, half of these visionary startups are based in Melbourne, showcasing the city’s technological prowess.

Inside Ageing spoke with Silver Future’s founder Rachel Slattery earlier today, who has embraced the conversation around ageing, commenting that we are the first generation that has the opportunity to define how we age.

Ms Slattery has an impressive history in the technology and innovation space, as the founder of various events and workshops, including Tech23 and Agile Australia.

The map serves as a valuable resource for those eager to explore innovations tailored to the needs of older individuals, although the conversation about ageing starts at any age.

In an era where Australians are living longer and healthier lives, technology emerges as a pivotal tool in monitoring, personalising, and preventing age-related ailments. These technological breakthroughs promise graceful and vibrant ageing, allowing individuals to dictate their living arrangements and shifting the focus from disease management to proactive prevention.

The map has commenced with a number of companies, and the opportunity for others to list their services. To be added to the Australian Agetech Startup Map, please email Silver Futures on –


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