Complaints Commission expands into social media

The Aged Care Complaints Commission has expanded its social media presence adding Twitter and Facebook accounts to its regular communication channels including a YouTube account.

In a news update announcing this, the Commissioner said: “Our ongoing social media presence is giving us the opportunity to post information about our role as the Complaints Commissioner, our resources, upcoming events and much more.”

“As our audience gets larger, our information is being spread further and we would like you be involved in helping us to grow. We would love for you to like and follow our accounts as well as share any information that you believe would benefit your networks.”

While the Commission doesn’t have a strong following just yet with only 9 subscribers on YouTube and 71 followers on Twitter, we can only assume these channels will be embraced by consumers wanting to share their ‘evidence’ of alleged abuse and malpractice in a more public forum than via a phone call or complaints form.

We hope the Commissioner received some legal advice from its in-house advisors or their colleagues over at the Attorney General’s Department before essentially encouraging people to name and shame, because our understanding is that this is a legal minefield.

If you haven’t already read our article about online rate and reviews websites or these tips from Minter Ellison now would be a good time to do so.


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