Consultations complete: Aged Care Voluntary Industry Code of Practice

Aged Care Voluntary Industry Code of Practice

The Aged Care Workforce Industry Council (ACWIC) has completed consultations on the Voluntary Industry Code of Practice (the Code), with sessions in each state and territory concluding on May 28.

The Code is designed for aged care providers to demonstrate their ongoing commitment to continuous quality improvement. It supports providers to:

  • embed best practice;
  • set out aspirations for continuous improvement, and
  • transparently communicate their intentions and outcomes annually to older people, their families and carers, as well as their workforce.

The Code enables providers to benchmark their performance against each other in a transparent and productive way. It will allow prospective and current employees, as well as older Australians, their families, and carers (as service users) to compare the market, enabling an informed choice for all. The consultation sessions invited input from each of these groups to help shape the implementation, monitoring, and governance of the Code. 

The Council has produced a video with Altura Learning on the Code’s benefits for aged care service providers.

Voluntary Industry Code of Practice (The Code) – benefits for aged care providers

The Council will undertake a review of the current suite of Code promotional materials and tools to ensure they reflect the consultation feedback and support providers to implement the Code.  

Once complete, all documentation and resources will be published on the ACWIC website – – and shared directly with those providers who have already pledged to the Code so that they can finalise development and commence implementation of their plans.

Those involved in the aged care sector and the Australian community are invited to sign up or pledge to the Code –


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