David Edwards announced as new director of BallyCara’s Sona Institute

David Edwards, Director, The Sona Institute

David Edwards takes over from Michael Isaac as director of the Sona Institute™, who’s motto is to foster enablement and happiness across the aged care community by helping people realise their potential.

David has worked across various industries in both for-profit and not-for profit sectors, including the aged care and disability sector where he helped organisations transition to the NDIS.

‘I look forward to continuing the fine work that has already been carried out and the new opportunities that are evolving for the institute post pandemic’ says David.

Through David’s leadership the Sona Institute™ will continue to work in partnership with teams and organisations from a range of sectors to positively support the culture and performance.  The Sona Institute™ will continue to nurture the potential of businesses across various sectors and the wider community to empower employees, create successful ageing and future thinking.


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