Department to release a further 10,000 home care packages this week – but where?

An additional 10,000 home care packages will be given to consumers over the next week as the Department begins releasing unused and newly funded packages into the market.

While providers continue to grapple with unknown demand about how long the waiting list actually is, or where the people who are on the list are located, at least 11,300 people will have access to their funds before the end of the month.

From next month, packages will be released on a regular basis, likely to be weekly, the Department said in a statement announcing the new packages and the national system for prioritising access to home care packages.

It said that the packages will enable most consumers to access home care for the first time, indicating the majority are level 4 packages.

The department will be hosting a webinar on 28 March 2017 which will provide more information regarding the national prioritisation system and allocation of packages.


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