Enkindle publication showcases international innovations in home care and ageing

Aged care consultancy Enkindle, has released a publication dedicated to inspiring and igniting change in the aged care industry.

By collaborating with international stakeholders and gathering abstracts from thought leaders in aged care, Enkindle has curated a collection of exemplars and case studies that showcase 21st Century models of home care, promoting healthy, independent, and connected ageing.

The publication not only features contributions from aged care providers but also includes insights from industry suppliers, entrepreneurs, healthcare practitioners, and individuals driving transformative change across the sector to enhance the lives of older individuals worldwide.

“Our goal with Enkindle is to spark ideas, creativity, and imagination within our readers,” said the editorial team at Enkindle.

“We aim to create a connected community of progressive thinkers, thought leaders, and innovators in the health and aged care industry while celebrating and elevating innovation in aged care.”

Enkindle editorial team

The publication encompasses various themes and focuses on providing opportunities for collaboration and international networking among stakeholders. Readers are encouraged to engage with the content and draw inspiration from the showcased innovations.

Key themes covered in the publication include the need to reimagine aged care operations, the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on innovation and care reform, co-design thinking, and the importance of creating innovative solutions in the industry.

Enkindle explores a wide range of innovations and case studies in different areas of aged care. Some of the featured innovations include platforms, portals, and apps for self-managed care services, the “Ubering” of care through platforms and apps, smart-connected homes, smart gaming, virtual care and hospital-in-the-home, integrated care at home models, self-directed teams, social prescribing, customer experience (CX) for competitive advantage, employee experience (EX) for competitive advantage, and transformational education.

The publication serves as a call to action, urging stakeholders to embrace innovation, learn from successful models, and collaborate to drive positive change in the aged care industry. Enkindle aims to inspire readers to think creatively, share ideas, and contribute to the advancement of aged care practices globally.

To access the full publication and delve into the transformative innovations and case studies shaping the future of aged care, visit https://enkindle.com.au/topinnovations23/


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