Funding support for training and recruitment

The cost of upskilling staff in aged care and disability services is about to be reduced for providers in Western Australia thanks to a new initiative launched by the state government.

The Enterprise Training Program provides support to employers to help them upskill their workforce to meet the challenges related to workforce development in Western Australia. 

The pilot program covers funding for full qualifications as well as specific skill sets, allowing employers to tailor training to the specific skill needs of their organisation. Employers are eligible to receive up to $200,000 for an individual organisation or up to $300,000 for a consortium.*

Another initiative called the Pre-Traineeship Program is giving students who are considering a career in aged care and disability care an introduction to the sector.

Under the Pre-Traineeship program, employers are eligible for funding to supervise students on placement while they study a 52841WA Certificate II in Introduction to Aged Care or a 52840WA Certificate II in Introduction to Disability Care. These new qualifications provide sector entrants with a pathway towards a Certificate III in Individual Support (Ageing/Disability/Home and Community Care).

As a registered training provider in the social assistance and allied health sector, the Amana Living Training Institute (ALTI) is approved to provide the training for the new programs. 

Rathini Sonnadara from the Amana Living Training Institute, said the new initiatives will help make training more affordable for employers as well as providing a pipeline of new staff. 

“The Enterprise Training Program will significantly reduce the cost of upskilling and training an organisation’s existing workforce by funding up to 80 per cent of the training cost,” Ms Sonnadara said.

“We will work with employers to develop a training program to address their identified skills gaps. We’ll submit the funding application and deliver the training at either our training centre or their workplace.”

“The Pre-Traineeship Program is a great way to identify potential new recruits who have the right aptitude and attitude to work in either aged care or disability services, and to support this process the host organisation is also eligible for funding to supervise their work placement.”

“The scheme will reduce drop-out rates of new recruits as students will have experienced the sector and discovered whether they want to pursue a career. It also puts students on a fast-track to completing a Certificate III qualification in this sector.”

In order to access the Enterprise Training Program, employers must partner with an approved Registered Training Organisation and submit a joint proposal with the employer contributing 20 per cent of the training cost.  

The training must utilise the qualifications, skills sets or units of competency contained within the Health and Community Services Training Packages. Funding is being allocated on a ‘first come, first served’ basis.

The Pre-Traineeship Program gives students the opportunity to gain an understanding and experience in either the aged care or disability services sector via the newly created Certificate II qualifications.

Students will undertake on and off the job training, establishing contact with a potential employer through a work placement. If the student pursues further studies, the content of the Certificate II reduces the time to complete a Certificate III by around three months.

To learn more contact the Amana Living Training Institute on 1300 492 703 or email

*Funding of up to $200,000 is available for individual organisations or $300,000 for a consortium of organisations. The funding application must be submitted as a joint proposal with the Registered Training Organisation and include a 20 per cent employer contribution. This will be reduced for regional organisations. 


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