HammondCare’s latest ad: Real clients talking about their home care experience

HammondCare At Home client Olga Citroni of Cabramatta West with specialised carer Fresia Martinez.

Home care clients and their dedicated caregivers – not actors – star in an innovative campaign highlighting the extensive team effort required to deliver high-quality home care through a Home Care Package.

HammondCare at Home clients Olga Citroni, 81, of Cabramatta West, and Robyn Vickers, 74, of Hammondville, feature prominently in this video and digital campaign, showcasing the wide range of skills and professions involved in their care.

Home aged care is expanding rapidly in Australia, with over a million older Australians receiving some form of home care support. As of December 31, 2023, 269,573 people were receiving a Home Care Package, marking a 14% increase over 12 months.

The Federal Budget recently announced an additional 24,100 packages for FY25. Another 816,000 older Australians received help under the Commonwealth Home Support Programme in 2021-22.

The HammondCare At Home “Team You” campaign emphasises the large team behind the comprehensive aged care for clients like Olga and Robyn.

Olga, who plays the character “Sue,” shared her excitement about participating in the project, saying, “I’ve never been involved in anything like this before. I am lucky to have a great team from HammondCare At Home to help me, as well as my family and friends.”

Olga’s Level 2 Home Care Package supports her in living at home after knee and hip replacements and overcoming cancer twice.

“We are very conscious that we are delivering holistic care in the place that is very special, someone’s home.”

HammondCare At Home General Manager, Bay Warburton

The campaign shoot, overseen by creative agency Cadence in partnership with HammondCare At Home and HammondCare Marketing, involved a specialised carer, a Registered Nurse, a case manager, allied health workers, a pastoral care worker, another specialised carer for shopping, and a gardening volunteer.


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