Home care provider seeks 750 staff: offering $37 per hour

Five Good Friends CEO, Simon Lockyer said they are on a nationwide hunt to find 750 kind, caring and compassionate people who wanted to contribute to senior and disabled Australians.

“Being a home carer is very rewarding – it keeps our older and disabled Australians happier and safer for longer,” Mr Lockyer said. “The flexible contract roles are perfect for anyone looking for full-time hours right through to those who need a few hours of care work a week to help make ends meet.

“We want people from 18 up to retired folks who still have a lot to give. What they all need in common, is a willingness to help and care for people.”

On average a Five Good Friends home carer earns $37 an hour and works between 14 and 20 hours a week, which equates to $2,500 to $3,650 in monthly income.

“The role of a home carer is different to a residential aged care worker. Often it starts with simple but meaningful types of help.

“A carer might take someone shopping or to an appointment, help with light household or yard duties. They may assist to cook a meal, taking their client for a walk, chatting or playing a game of cards.

“It’s wonderfully rewarding because for every hour of home care an older person receives it lowers their need for a move to residential aged care by 6 per cent,” he said. “Many older people that are still in their home often just need companionship and a little support around the home to ensure their safety and independence.”

Mr Lockyer said carers could choose when, how often and what type of care they were comfortable and/or qualified to provide.

“We match a carer to an older or disabled person based on their skill set, experience, training and personality,” he said.

The number of older Australians using home care has tripled in recent years, growing 25 per cent last year alone. The aged care sector will have a labour shortage of 110,000 within a decade.

Home care will remain in high demand with a peak due in 2031, when nearly 20 per cent of the population is expected to be aged over 65, compared with around 16 per cent in 2021.

Mr Lockyer said Five Good Friends was building their ranks of carers now to ensure older and disabled people, their families and community needs did not reach emergency levels.

Kogarah Bay resident Robyn Lambert is a qualified nurse with a keen interest in dementia. She started working with Five Good Friends more than two years ago.

Three times a week, Ms Lambert helps Leslie and June Oakey, who are 97 and 94 respectively and still living in their home after 60 years.

“Since I have been helping to support this lovely couple who both have Home Care Packages starting from January this year, I have really noticed an improvement in their quality of life and health. They are grateful and happy that we prepare meals for them and provide companionship.

“Home care is my real passion and keeping people living in their homes with the services they require to do this is what we all want.”

After almost four decades working in the disability sector, Lily Diab said it was time for a change. The 55-year-old Parramatta local came across Five Good Friends online and decided to become a helper.

“Aside from helping with the day-to-day, I talk to my clients about their heyday, I really enjoy that. Otherwise, I take them out for coffee and to medical appointments, I walk with them if they need exercise, and love seeing the difference I am making over time,” Ms Diab said.

At the end of 2021, some 217,724 senior Australians had access to a home care package with just over 824,000 others have received support through the Commonwealth Home Support Program (CHSP)[i].

“At Five Good Friends, we are all about understanding and promoting independence, companionship and social connections for older people,” Mr Lockyer said. “From Broome to Brisbane, Perth to Parramatta.

We don’t mind if you live on a farm or in a capital city – we have older and disabled Australians everywhere looking for someone to help them stay living in their own home longer.”

The on-the-road contract role of a home carer is suitable to help people 18 years or older. They must have a clear National Police Check or National Disability Worker Screening Check and be up to date with their Covid vaccinations. Carers should also have their own insured car and a current driver’s licence.

Education, training, support and development are provided as part of the role. To apply go to https://helper-apply.fivegoodfriends.com.au/ or call 1300 787 581.


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