How Gallipoli Home will differ to other aged care facilities

A long-awaited residential aged care home for people of Islamic faith is due to open in the coming months and promises not to be like any other aged care home in the state.

Gallipoli Health Care’s first 102-bed facility is being built next door to the iconic Gallipoli Mosque in Auburn, western Sydney.

Staffed by nurses and carers who speak Turkish, Arabic, Hindi, and Urdu, it will be the first home in New South Wales to specialise in aged care services for Australians of the Islamic faith from over 10 different cultural communities including Turkish, Lebanese, Indian, Egyptian, Iranian, Syrian, Afghani, Iraqi, Pakistani and Bangladeshi.

Gallipoli Health Care CEO Dr Rodney Jilek shared more about the new facility via LinkedIn last week:

“I was recently asked how Gallipoli Home will be different to every other aged care home in Sydney.

“Gallipoli Home is the first residential aged care home in NSW to be operated by a Muslim organisation and established to care for Australians of the Muslim faith from over 8 distinct CALD communities.

“There are many things that we have had to approach differently to attract both staff and residents and then some things we will be implementing have just come from experience. Culturally familiar furniture, linen, crockery, fittings & artwork. Staff specially selected for their language abilities to ensure that all language groups are covered every day.

“Access to over 800 multilingual TV channels. Male and female staff will be available every shift every day to ensure residents have a choice of staff gender. Higher than average staffing levels will be available.

“8 lounge rooms, 2 balconies and 2 outdoor garden spaces to allow for segregation of the sexes if this is desired by the elders. A prayer room to allow residents and staff to continue their faith practices on every floor.

“Our kitchen will be halal certified with 3 hour meal times so staff & residents do not have to rush to make meals. Extended meal times during Ramadan to allow families to join their elders for meals.

The home has been designed with input by Gallipoli Mosque and seven different cultural associations based in Sydney to ensure the needs of each community are met.



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