HSC and integratedliving partner with CSIRO to deliver smart home tech

HSC Technology Group (ASX: HSC) has secured exclusive use of Smarter Safer Homes (SSH) technology for its TALIUS Smart Care Platform.

SSH technology was developed by CSIRO’s eHealth Research Centre in collaboration with aged care providers and takes advantage of a provisional patent for a personalised measure of functional independence, indexed through the “Objective Activity of Daily Living” (Karunanithi and Zhang 2015).

The partnership represents the first commercial use of this patented technology that will see integratedliving delivering the service to ‘Core’ clients in Australian regional and remote communities from December 2021.

SSH works by unobtrusively monitoring a client’s Activities of Daily Living (ADL) and proactively alerting for anomalies — changes from an individuals’ usual activity — that indicate an intervention is required.

Chief Health Transformation Officer at integratedliving, Kylie Houlihan, said “This technology will help our clients, many of whom are frail and need support, to be more confident in their choice to stay living in their homes. It provides peace of mind knowing they have the technology and remote support to detect if things go wrong and automatically activate help. This enables people to stay living safe and well where they choose for longer, improving their health and quality of life. As one of the providers who participated in the original fieldwork and trials, we are excited to now make this proven, affordable solution available to more of our clients.”

HSC Technology Group has played a role in converting the research into a commercially viable product, including translating SSH’s data into user-friendly interfaces and dashboards for carers and families.

HSC Technology Group have exclusive use of SSH technology and will be offering it as part of its existing TALIUS Smart Care platform, going forward.

HSC Technology Group Managing Director, Graham Russell, said “We are very proud of this partnership with two amazing Australian organisations to help keep regional, rural and remote Australians safe. We’re looking forward to working with integratedliving to expand the assistive technologies available to their clients.”

While this is the first commercial application of the technology, SSH has been piloted in three states since 2013, with modelling, carried out by CSIRO showing moving just 5246 ‘low care’ permanent aged care residents to home care, monitored with SSH, could save the government up to $80 million each year.

Q. Zhang, M. Karunanithi, D. Bradford and Y. van Kasteren, “Activity of Daily Living assessment through wireless sensor data,” 2014 36th Annual International Conference of the IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society, 2014, pp. 1752-1755, doi: 10.1109/EMBC.2014.6943947.


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