HSC seek TGA approval for new medical watch

HSC Technology Group (ASX: HSC) is pursuing Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) approval for a new wearable smart device that will help with patient monitoring.

The certification will enable commercialisation of the medical watch throughout Australia and New Zealand, which HSC will integrate into its TALIUS IoT Platform to provide a comprehensive log of information to health care professionals, carers and family members.

The medical grade watch, enables continuous, long-term and comfortable patient monitoring with 99 per cent accuracy and detects a number of heart arrythmias including cardiac arrest.

HSC Managing Director Graham Russell says the technology is a game changer for people’s health and wellbeing and will provide another level of care information for the health industry.

“We expect a medical grade wearable of this quality and accuracy to lead the way for continuous monitoring, coordinate medical intervention, reduce hospitalisations and significantly improve quality of life,” says Mr Russell.

“It will also help reduce the cost of medical services and patient treatment which will aid in alleviating the ongoing issues of staff shortages and costings.”

The medical watch has received CE Mark certification in the European Union for the detection of Atrial Fibrillation, monitoring of heart rate variability and spot electrocardiogram and has recently been submitted for FDA clearance in the United States.

“The watch will replace the need for health care professionals to wake patients every 15 minutes to check vital signs following an operation or medical episode, which in turn will help staff more effectively manage their time,” says Mr Russell.

“Medical personnel will also be able to provide more effective care with access to precise, long-term, remote monitoring of medical parameters wherever their patients are located.”

The medical wearable is expected to arrive in late March and HSC has already received advanced orders from a range of providers.

The watch is supported by traditional electrocardiogram (ECG) verification and uses photoplethysmography (PPG) technology to carry out long term, continuous monitoring of the heart’s activity.

If the wearable detects a health arrhythmia or cardiac arrest, it sends an alert for the timely provision of the necessary medical assistance, all without the need for invasive cardiac monitors.

HSC is the exclusive distributor of the technology that was developed by leading digital health company CardiacSense.


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